Michael Zentner (Violin)

Washington, DC

Co-founded Washington DC band, The Muffins - hailed as "one of the best progressive rock bands in the USA" by the Trouser Press Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock.


Toured England and France with members of Henry Cow and Kevin Ayers' Whole World.


Worked with manager/producer Georgio Gemelski (Rolling Stones/Yardbirds) on various projects including Georgio's ZU band (which later became the band Material) as one of its founding members along with Bill Lazwell, Cliff Cultreri, Michael Beinhorn, and Fred Maher.

First solo album, Present Time, was released (Red Records) in the US, Europe, and Japan, featuring musicians Daevid Allen (Soft Machine/Gong), Carla Bley (Jack Bruce), Kenwood Dennard (Brand X), Fred Frith Henry Cow/Eno, Percy Jones (Brand X/Eno), and Hansford Rowe (Gong). While the album received consistently high marks from critics, including a 4-star review in Downbeat magazine, it's harp and violin duet "Tears and Spheres" became one of the first of the New Age offerings being aired on US radio. The piece was later used along with music from Dave Grusin's album, Night Lines, to comprise the score of the art film, Gallery, which aired on PBS and shown in installation at The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Founding member of Peter Blegvad's Big Guns - a precursor to The Golden Palominos, with Carla Bley and the Palominos' Anton Fier and Bill Laswell.

Chronometers, a CD of previously unreleased material from The Muffins, is released (Cuneiform Records).


Group and solo electric violin concert performances in the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America along with some session work in Los Angeles and New York City. Various television and radio appearances and interviews including a live performance and interview on En Vivo, viewed by tens of millions on three continents.


Present Time is remastered and reissued (Ozone Records/Dutch East India Distribution).


Self produced second solo album "Playtime," (Warped Records/MS Distribution) with drummers Omar Hakim (Sting/Weather Report), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel), and Simon Phillips (Toto); bassists Jeff Berlin (Bruford), Anthony Jackson (Paul Simon), Percy Jones, Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big) and Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel/John Lennon); Guitarists Steve Caton (Tory Amos), Ray Gomez (Stanley Clark), Robby Krieger (The Doors), Vernon Reid (Living Color), and pianist Dizzy Reed (Guns ’N’ Roses).


Produced Carpet Crawlers for Genesis tribute album on Magna Carta Records: Michael Zentner - Vocals, John Goodsall - Guitar (Brand X), Tommy Mars - Keys (Zappa), Jeff Berlin - Bass (Bruford), Toss Panos - Drums (Steve VaI).

Embarked on a series of Duo concerts and group performances with John Goodsall. Various appearances in Los Angeles, performing with a variety of musicians including Patrick Moraz (Yes/Moody Blues), Tom Fowler (Zappa), Don Preston (Zappa), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Some US performances and intermittent but extensive touring in Europe and Latin America - including print, radio and television interviews, in support of Playtime.

Clean Machine video - from Playtime - is aired in rotation in over one hundred television markets in the US. Clean Machine video is aired in Various countries in Europe and Latin America.

Produced 1st ZenLand album: Michael Zentner, Tim Young (Late Late Show Band/Reggie Watts), Doug Lunn (Mark Isham/Andy Summers), Dean De Benedictis and Vonette Yanaginuma.

Produced 2nd ZenLand album, LandZend: Michael Zentner, Tim Young, Doug Lunn, and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist, Low Leaf.

Produced 3rd ZenLand album, Heavy Revel: Michael Zentner, Tim Young, Tony Levin and Zach Tenorio (Jon Anderson/Kesha).

Michael Zentner




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